3 Keys to a Successful Web Company Launch

Kick Off an Internet Startup Business with Instant Web Presence

Internet users are a massive market for a new business, or one making the transition from brick and mortar to online sales. The key to success in a web company launch is to avoid getting lost amongst the millions of other e-commerce entrepreneurs selling online.

Internet World Stats: Usage and Population Statistics estimates that as of June 30, 2009, the internet supported over 1.6 billion users worldwide. 73.9% of Americans use the internet, for a total of 251.7 million users. As internet service spreads across Asia, that market is growing exponentially; with only 18.5% of the population using the internet, over 700 million users are already logged on. The potential for online businesses to succeed in that emerging market is huge.

Why an Internet Startup Business Needs a Solid Web Presence

Marketing to an international audience is a feat in itself; however, a web company must also be aware of their competition and strive to increase online visibility. Potential customers often arrive at an online store after using a search engine to guide them to products or services they are interested in.

This creates a need for superior search engine optimization. However, that is only one component of building a successful web presence. Internet startup businesses must make themselves visible in news channels, on blogs, in social media, and on a professional company website.

1st Step in a Successful Web Company Launch- Website Optimization

A properly optimized website ranks higher in search engine listings and is therefore easier for potential customers to find. An internet startup business can save valuable marketing dollars by appearing in organic searches, rather than paid advertising.

Choose three or four keyword phrases that accurately describe the web company and its products or services. Be specific. For example, an internet startup selling discount printed clothing for babies might choose:

  • printed baby clothing
  • original discount baby clothing
  • buy discount baby clothing online

The terms, “baby clothing,” and “clothes for babies,” are far too general and competitive. Think of what the customer will type into a search engine to find those products, and make those the primary keywords.

Incorporate the keywords (once each) into a 70-80 character website title and a website description of 200 words or less. Add the keywords to the website’s meta tags and use each word two or three times in the main body of text on the front page. Do not overuse keywords; search engines penalize websites for keyword spamming.

2nd Step in Launching a Successful Internet Startup Business- Build a Unified Web Presence

Web companies can build credibility and attract new business by maintaining several different types of web presences. Use the same logo, language, and keywords on each of the following:

  • A company blog
  • A MySpace page to advertise products
  • A Facebook fan page to interact with potential customers
  • A Twitter account to broadcast sales and new releases

Each component of the web presence should be instantly recognizable as unique to the company. Build a content web by linking all accounts together. Participate in online forums and leave comments on other blogs, with a signature block linking back to the company website, to further increase visibility and generate interest.

3rd Step for a New Web Company Launch- A Formal Announcement

Internet startup businesses benefit from coverage in news media. However, press release writing is an art form; most releases are simply discarded, especially if they are blatantly promotional in nature.

Try to answer these two questions:

  • Why is this news?
  • How will readers benefit from hearing about this business launch?

The title and opening paragraph should immediately answer these two important questions to catch the interest of the news personnel reading it. Use company keywords sparingly throughout the press release and insert two or three hyperlinks to important company information or unique products. Use a company such as Business Wire to distribute the release to journalists and media companies.

Map Out the Launch Strategy in the Online Business Planning Stages

Don’t waste time and money in the difficult first days of an internet startup business launch. Plan to use these three strategies to quickly build a web presence and increase online visibility, giving the startup business the best chance of success.

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