5 Online Marketing Tips

Develop Internet Advertising Strategies for Success in the New Year

As online retail sales continue to grow despite lagging U.S. total retail sales, e-commerce opportunities are a bright spot in an uncertain economy. Increase online business visibility and attract new customers with these five online marketing tips as part of next year’s overall internet advertising strategy.

Online Marketing Tip #5- Use Webmaster Tools and Plug-Ins to Expand Business Reach

Learn how to use Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster Central tools to improve the e-commerce website’s appearance and functionality. Add a translation plug-in, allowing international users to translate the website into the language of their choice. Offer extended customer service hours by phone or chat to assist customers in other time zones.

Online Marketing Tip #4- Experiment with Video and Other Multimedia Internet Marketing Tools

Videos rank high on search engines and are a great way to showcase new products, introduce staff to the public, and give customers a better idea of what the online business has to offer.

Create short video clips, slide shows, and other presentations. Feature them on the company website and upload to Metacafe, RedGage, YouTube and other video sharing websites to gain exposure.

Online Marketing Tip #3- Create a Business Wiki

Write a Wikipedia entry about the online business or an exclusive product, or hire a professional writer to create one. Millions of people use Wikipedia as a reference and the entries rank high in organic search engine listings. Be factual and avoid blatant promotion to ensure the Wikipedia entry is published.

Online Marketing Tip #2- Improve Customer Relationship Management

Retain customers, increase sales from existing clients, and build a reputation as a reliable company dedicated to providing a good customer experience. Solicit feedback from customers and use an email marketing campaign to regularly stay in touch, offering special promotions and discounts to loyal customers.

Sign up for Google alerts and monitor customer feedback on consumer review websites to see what people are saying about the business. Use this unsolicited feedback to improve customer service and business processes.

Online Marketing Tip #1- Targeted Internet Marketing Through Traditional and Social Media

Keep a Facebook fan page updated with new products and specials. Answer questions on LinkedIn groups or industry blogs for targeted internet marketing. Build a Twitter presence and tweet regularly about upcoming promotions, industry news, and business information to become an industry expert and increase exposure through social media.

Contact bloggers and print journalists in the industry and offer products for review or become a source for upcoming stories. Thank journalists for feature stories on the industry and build contacts through social networking.

The Key to Developing Clear, Workable Internet Advertising Strategies

It is impossible to be everything to everyone, especially on a small internet advertising budget. Plan to test one or two internet marketing tools and strategies at a time. Only use those that produce desirable results.

Choose one or two popular products or services to promote and use in marketing strategy testing. If a marketing idea is not working, do not be afraid to let it go and move on to the next one. Don’t waste money on ineffective advertising.

Test these strategies and measure results to find the combination of marketing methods that draws in new customers, increases customer loyalty, and boosts sales in the coming year.

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