Member Benefits

Member Marketing
It is a vital element of the ACB services to assist members market their products and, or, services to an educated audience that values the work and commitment that being certified entails.

Product Alerts
The product alert system has been specifically designed to allow members to advertise to other members slow moving or end of line stock at special discounted rates (even though these products and services meet their quality specification).

Partnering Notice Board
This member service has been specifically designed to assist members to discuss their needs with one-another, particularly if a member requires a partner in another geographical region or to form greater business synergy of their product or service ranges.

Network and User Forums
The Network Forum has been provided to allow members to exchange ideas, share knowledge, post queries, develop solutions and find answers to member problems.

Advert & Exchange Shop
Whilst businesses have to replace items of equipment from time-to-time, they often just “throw” the item away; or even have to pay for the item’s removal. By utilizing this service, members can trade with one another without incurring any advertising costs.

Approved Trainers
The approved trainer services allow members to have assurance that the trainers they select to perform vital trainning have the necessary credentials and have been vetted to confirm this matter.

Approved Consultants
Whilst it is not always a preferred option by business to engage outside consultants, most would recognise that, from-time-to-time organizations have no option but to do so; again consultants listed under this section have the necessary credentials.

Inspection Activities
As more and more companies buy products from outside of their country’s boundaries, there is a need, in some cases, for independent second party inspection services.