The Truth About Self Promotion

Marketing Begins with Believing Here’s a secret about making money from home: self employment begins with self promotion…and marketing begins with believing. Those who work at home for themselves have to be their own greatest fans, and that’s just the beginning of the promotional efforts that will ensue. All About Self Promotion Self promotion is absolutely…(Continue Reading)

Tips on Income Tax Preparation

Gathering the Documents Needed for Complete Returns No matter what country or state returns need to be completed, having access to important records makes the filing easier and more accurate. United States returns require documentation on income and expense that substantiates items on the return. Documenting Income for the Tax Return Employees will be issued…(Continue Reading)

Small Business Real Estate Safety

Consider Security Issues When Hunting for Office Space Janelle Benjamin, a realtor for Red Real Estate, a boutique commercial real estate firm based in New York, specializes in office leasing for established small businesses, branch offices and start ups. She helps clients find commercial space that will meet all the special needs of their business, including…(Continue Reading)

The Academy of Certified Businesses

The ACB was formed from the realization that certified/registered businesses, whilst listed in several databases, were no more than just a listing. Indeed, it was a common criticism from certified/registered clients, that there was no “unified voice” in recognition for their efforts in achieving National, or International standards. Further, it was also recognised, that many…(Continue Reading)