Free Internet Advertising and Web Marketing Tips

Google and Other Experts Share the Best Online Marketing Information

Google and other online advertising providers use blogging and social media to share advertising tips and trends with interested users. These are important free resources for e-commerce entrepreneurs who are just getting started, or need to brush up on their online advertising knowledge.

Stay on top of the internet marketing game by following the blogs and social media accounts of industry heavyweights Google, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Ad Center and more.

Where to Find Valuable Google Advertising Tools and Tricks

Google shares tips and updates on a number of platforms. First, the Official Google Blog is a unique look into the many projects and launches Google has going on simultaneously. Filtering blog results by selecting the “Ads” category brings readers to a series of blog posts dedicated to insider tips and tricks for Google AdSense and AdWords users.

Google also maintains several Twitter accounts with short, regular tips on maximizing advertising dollars and increasing online exposure. Add @GoogleAdManager, @AdSense, and @GoogleAdBuilder for a feed of Google’s latest tweets.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Blogs and Tweets

Formerly Overture, Yahoo! Search Marketing is one of the industry leaders in PPC advertising. At, Yahoo! executives discuss search engine marketing strategy, share insider tips, and give valuable insight on internet marketing trends.

Yahoo! also invites users to follow along on Twitter at Tweets concern online marketing news, upcoming releases, developing ads, and more.

Microsoft adCenter Creates Community, Encourages Information Sharing

Microsoft adCenter is the newest of the PPC giants, having entered the market in 2006. However, their Advertising Community is a treasure trove of information for internet marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs of experience and interest levels. Visitors can access video tutorials, podcasts, blog posts, or visit the forum for assistance from other users.

Through Twitter, the Microsoft adCenter provides information, but also interacts with customers by encouraging followers to message @adCenterRep directly with questions or comments. Toll-free customer service telephone numbers are listed prominently on the profile to facilitate open communication with users in need of advertising assistance.

Other Free Internet Advertising and Web Marketing Resources, a popular personalized browsing service, tweets from @StumbleUponAds about traffic generation, hot browsing topics, viral advertising and more.

PPC Pro People is a small Facebook group dedicated to sharing ideas and information about the “Big Three” in PPC advertising (Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!).

Internet marketing specialists from, based in Vancouver, share advice, opinions, tips and online advertising strategy in their blog. As online marketing specialists, their team are well-versed in the pros and cons of different PPC and online advertising providers.

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