Go Green Small Business Plan

Green Guide to Increase Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Focusing on greening a small business is not just for the environmentally conscious. Reducing internal energy consumption by employing active energy conservation measures is just sound financial management. Increasing energy efficiency saves on operating costs and adds profits to the bottom line. There are some simple steps on a number of fronts that small businesses can take to save on energy costs by increasing internal energy efficiency.

Green Business Vehicle Considerations

Small business owners should consider replacing retiring company vehicles with electric-hybrid powered vehicles to lower operating costs. Hybrid vehicles have two types of engines working together to power them, a gasoline powered engine and a rechargeable battery pack. As a result, depending on driving conditions, Cars.com notes that “from 15% to over 70% in gasoline consumption depending on the hybrid technology” can be expected in city driving.

Go Green With Small Business Technology Updates

Another area ripe for boosting energy efficiency and achieving real energy conservation is available by updating small business technology. Replacement of outdated computer equipment with Energy Star-rated computers is one means of increasing energy efficiency for small businesses.

Computers have become common place in all businesses because using computers boosts productivity. Desktop, laptop and associated computer equipment are eligible to earn the EPA’s Energy Star rating if the equipment meets energy savings requirements. Power management features installed on Energy Star-rated computers help conserve energy and lowers energy costs.

When contemplating the purchase of new computers, business owners should consider procuring Energy Star-rated computer equipment before making a final decision on what equipment to purchase. The EPA stated recently that “the savings in energy costs will grow to more than $2 billion if all computers sold in the United States meet Energy Star requirements.” Saving energy saves money and lowers operating costs.

A related topic for increasing energy efficiency through technology updates is energy conservation through installing motion sensor lighting throughout office spaces and warehouses. Rather than lights being turned on and off manually, lighting comes on automatically when motion sensors pick up movement in an area, activating power. After a period of time when no motion is detected, the lighting is automatically turned off conserving energy by reducing the waste that occurs when lights are left on the entire workday even when spaces are not being used.

Green Guide to Internal Recycling Programs

Establishing a recycling program for printer cartridges, paper products, aluminum cans, glass and scrap metal where applicable is another effective means of achieving energy conservation. In a global sense availability of recycled materials lowers energy consumption since recycled products are cheaper to produce than new products manufactured from raw materials. This helps everyone but recycling can also help on the micro level by producing real savings for small business owners.

Recycled printer cartridges cost substantially less than new cartridges and perform the same function. In addition by collecting and recycling things like aluminum cans and scrap metal, an additional stream of income can be created. The amounts realized might be small on a weekly basis but can add up over time. Also shredding documents usually consigned to trash receptacles and utilizing the material for packing is an effective, environmentally-friendly free source of packing material that will lower packaging costs.

Simple energy conservation steps are available to all small business owners that can produce real savings that cut expenses and fatten profit margins.

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