Membership Levels

What Memembership Levels Exist?

There are several membership levels to the ACB, each of which have differing benefits associated with the level. The levels of membership are defined below (for a detailed view of the services defined below, scroll to the bottom of this page);

Certified – As a certified member, you will be listed on the ACB site free of charge. As such, any member or nonmember purchaser using the site will be able to source your organization and the products and services offered by your company. In addition, your organization will have access to the approved consultants, trainers, inspection services and the Network User Forum.

Bronze – As a bronze member, in addition to the above services, your organization’s details, when displayed, will reference and have a direct link to your company’s website. With regard to access to the approved consultants and trainers, any utilization of their services will be discounted by 10%, including inspection services, once your membership I.D. is confirmed. Additionally, the standard updating and purchase service for standards will be available, together with a variety of member services shown on the ACB site (refer to the Details of Membership Services). An ACB members certificate will be issued on becoming a member.

Silver – As a silver member, in addition to the services stated as a bronze member, your organization will be able to utilize the Product Alert service to assist in the marketing and sales of your product lines, special offers, discounted products or services. Free access will be available to the business-to-business partnering service, advertising and exchange service, as well as other member services (such as travel, motoring and legal).

Gold – As a gold member, in addition to the services stated as a silver member, your organization will be entitled to the free positioning of Product Alerts to secure the highest visibility and ranking of your advertised roducts or services e.g.: top three position, likewise for the partnering notice service.

Non-Member Purchaser – The Non-Member Purchaser (NMP) membership level has been created to allow major purchasing bodies, such as Public Entities and Government Establishments to access the ACB site in order to take advantage of the central directory of known and assured certified members. As a NMP you will be provided with a login to view all the client details, including access to the member’s website links, where available. In addition, you will be able to see the Product Alerts, Newsletter and utilize the Network User Forum.


1. There is a facility for certified members to purchase a certificate as well as the facility to purchase presentation certificates. Email:
2. Full details of the members are available to users including full contact and direct access to the members’ website.
3. Should members utilize these services a 10% discount will be offered by the service providers.
4. Product Alerts can be viewed by all users of the site. Whilst the placing of Product Alerts is free to Silver and Gold members, other member levels may take advantage of this service, but due payment will be required.
5/6. For Partnering and Advert Exchange services, the same conditions for note 4 apply.
7. Should members utilize this service a 15% discount is available to Gold members only.
8. An ACB member will be entitled to take advantage of the savings in these areas, but the advantages are only afforded to a single nominated ACB member. Should a member wish these services to be expanded to other employees in their company, they should contact