Security for Small Business

Tips for Keeping Businesses Safe and Secure

There are so many things small business owners need to worry about. Overhead, hiring and training employees, keeping track of quarterly estimated tax payments and a laundry list of other concerns keep them very busy. However, no matter how overwhelming their to do lists are, every business owner should add one more very important item to his or her list – small business safety and security. Richard Ginsburg, the CEO and president of Protection One, Inc., one of the largest security companies in the United States, has taken the time to provide tips and hints about staying safe and keeping companies secure.

How Concerned Should Small Business Owners Be About Safety?

“Small business owners need to be very concerned about safety in today’s economic environment. There is increased crime in many parts of country. When there is more financial stress, there are more crimes.”

Do Successful Small Business Owners Face Greater Personal Risk than Traditional Company Employees?

“Larger companies have more resources to deal with, which can reduce risks. However, security products are much more affordable today than even three or four years ago. We can set up video surveillance in businesses that wouldn’t have been able to afford it previously. Business owners can do things to protect themselves.”

Are There Any Times When Business Owners Should Stay Alert More Than Others?

“Opening and closing times are times when business owners and staff should be more alert. When someone is in a rush to get there or leave and doing things like propping doors open, everyone should be more alert.”

What is the Biggest Security Mistake Small Businesses Make?

“Not being alert. You should be constantly alert and keep your guard up all the time. Employees need to be reminded to keep their guard up. For instance, someone coming in in a large coat in July or a person the employees have never seen before who is lingering around are both things that should concern your staff.”

What Steps Should a Small Business Take to Stay Safe and Secure?

“To stay as safe as possible, a business owner should hold quarterly or monthly meetings to go over security. Also, drills need to be done. It may seem childish to them, but it is important to go over what is expected in case of emergencies with your staff. Review things like taking a head count and what to do in the event of fire.”

What Should Every Small Business Know About Security that No One Seems to Know?

“Security is affordable. There are many things you can do today that are not very expensive. Burglar alarms, card access systems, cameras and video recording systems are all options that can help keep businesses safe and secure.

Do You Have any Loss Prevention Tips for Retailers?

“Around holidays, retailers should beef up staff. They also should make sure they don’t prop open doors when loading or unloading products. Easy access in and out for employees is also easy access for shoplifters.”

Do Warehouse Operations Have any Different Concerns to Think About?

“Warehouse operations need to be sure everyone is signing in and out. No one should be roaming around warehouse and wandering in off the street. Visitor badges are very inexpensive and can be done with different colors for different months of the year. It is easy to do and very effective. If you don’t have a badge, you don’t belong.”

For any small business owner, staying safe and secure is essential. Unfortunately, many businesses avoid the issue because they think that security comes with a big price tag. Protection One’s CEO Richard Ginsburg shows that there are many free and low cost security measures that small businesses can easily implement, such as staying alert or using color coded visitor badges. For more help with keeping small businesses as safe as possible, look into choosing secure real estate locations, safe travel tips and working with staff to create employee safety and security policies.


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