The Truth About Self Promotion

Marketing Begins with Believing

Here’s a secret about making money from home: self employment begins with self promotion…and marketing begins with believing. Those who work at home for themselves have to be their own greatest fans, and that’s just the beginning of the promotional efforts that will ensue.

All About Self Promotion

Self promotion is absolutely necessary in self employment, no matter the job. Whether the professional is running a home-based business or constantly looking for freelance work, it all begins (and lives on) solid marketing. What else is a resume if not a form of self promotion? There are lots of other things work at home professionals will have to use in order to push their careers to the next level of success:

  • Networking. Social and professional networking are valuable ways to self-promote, and should be taken advantage of. Create profiles on popular networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, as well as professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. It only takes a few moments to create this little bit of presence on the Internet, but it can be invaluable to self employed professionals who thrive on others to find work.
  • Web site. Many work at home professionals can benefit from creating a personal Web site, a self-marketing hub. It’s here that self employment portfolios and work samples should be displayed. Include a link to this site on cover letters which are sent to potential clients and employers. Having a singular place to display work can be a big help in promotional efforts.
  • Contacts. Don’t forget those who have provided assignments in the past. It’s a good idea to keep a list of contacts, clients and employers. Sometimes, re-contacting these individuals could lead to new money-making opportunities. It’s great to make new contacts through networking and other promotional efforts, but don’t forget about all those who have delivered in the past.

All About Self Belief

All the Web sites, great resumes and cover letters in the world won’t help some self employed professionals. The most essential ingredient to any self-promotional campaign is self-belief. Any kind of work at home, freelance job or independent profession is one career path where it’s more than okay to be just a little bit arrogant.

Confidence! It’s essential to success in almost any field, and that includes self employment. Sometimes, the strongest self promotion for any professional is simply believing in themselves. Know that the work is possible and the future is wide open for new opportunities.

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